Ep #1- Launching a Group Coaching Program with Danielle Blum

Written By Dino Gomez

[Client Interview]

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The Secrets of Coaching Podcast

Danielle Blum – is a coach, leader, and founder of World Nativ. In this episode of The Secrets of Coaching we sit down with Danielle to uncover exactly what it takes to build a lasting coaching program that delivers transformational results to your clients.


The Secrets of Coaching Podcast

Danielle is a Community Growth Strategist, Business Coach & Speaker. 

Her business journey started in 2016 when she launched an entrepreneurial and leadership school that offered business accelerators with partnered educators, hundreds of events, and mastermind groups. 

Since then she has developed a Global Women’s Leadership program which has graduates in over 22+ countries and currently has facilitators who are trained in this curriculum in 12 different countries. 

Her programs, events, and co-authored books have now reached thousands of people globally.

Danielle currently supports partnered entrepreneurial networks with leaders in over 145+ countries. 

Her expertise lies in building engaged communities, designing coaching programs, and facilitating groups for committed leaders in business and personal growth.


It’s important to find your zone of genius in the coaching space, to slow down in life, and spend time taking care of yourself first so you have the energy to take care of your clients.


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