Ep. 1 Are You Qualified To Launch an Online Coaching Business?

Written By Dino Gomez

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Are you qualified to be an online coach, guys? That’s what we’re tackling in today’s episode. Let’s get into it right now.

Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started. All right, guys, so it’s a really, really popular question, it’s a really popular emotion and feeling, which is, hey, I want to get into online coaching like that seems like a really incredible opportunity.

I love helping people. I’ve you know, I have maybe kids or children myself who I enjoy coaching as a parent, so to speak.

And it’s one of those things where there’s there’s so many different opinions around what is what justifies you having the resume, so to speak, to be an online coach and. Right. And do you need qualifications? Do you need a proper certification? Do you need to go through some extensive program that gives you a certificate that makes it all official, a diploma, so to speak, from a college university?

So the short answer to this one, guys, and this is this is such an interesting one, is and a lot of this has to do with imposter syndrome. But the short answer, guys, is that you don’t need anything. You do not need certifications or some fancy program or some certificate that says that you went through a 12 week program and now you’re qualified to actually be an online coach. That is not the way it works.

And I think it’s tough for people to wrap their head around that because, you know, society is kind of taught us that, hey, you know, you’re able to get a job once you go to college and then you get that certificate, that diploma. And that makes it so that you’re officially qualified to go into the real world and get hired at some corporation and so forth and actually be paid. Well, put it like this, guys. This is there’s a couple of examples I want to go through here.

All right.

And this is going to relate and this is this will kind of hit home and relate to you at whether or not you are considering being a relationship coach of sorts, whether you are in the health and fitness space, whether you’re in the spirituality space or whether you’re in need, like make money and wealth and financial space. All right. And I see it quite, quite often. Quite frequently. I see it more in the make money space. And I’ll explain why in a second.

But the way to look at this, guys, is quite simple.

There’s really only three things that are required for you to be an online coach. All right. Number one, you should have a result that other people want to learn. All right. So you yourself have accomplished something that other people are willing to pay to learn. All right. And we’ll get into some of different examples of that. But that can be the simplest, the smallest of things. And there’s literally, for this reason, thousands and thousands of online coaching niches.

But that’s that’s that’s number one. All right. And what’s important to realize here, guys, is that it doesn’t have to be a massive result that you have. All right. It just needs to be a result that other people are willing to pay you to learn. All right.

So let me give you an example of one of the things I hear quite frequently from Internet marketers or other other people who have experience online. They might have experience running a marketing agency or they do web design, graphic design. They’re a copywriter. You know, any of those types of things. They build funnels, they run ads, they have a YouTube following whatever it is.

And quite frequently what what they will say is, is if I’m just having a conversation with them, I go, dude, like, you are amazing at what you do, or I’ll be talking to somebody else, say, wow, like she is so good at what she’s doing, she should totally be a coach. That’s so impressive. And, you know, like, I would pay her to learn that from her, those types of things. And what’s so funny is when I talk to those individuals and I go, hey, why haven’t you launched an online coaching program?

They always stop, pause, give me a kind of interesting look, smirk, so to speak. And then they normally respond with something like this.

Well, I’m not qualified or I don’t feel like I’m good enough yet or this is the main one out here is while there’s a thousand other people, there’s a thousand other gurus. Right. That are way better than I am at this particular thing. And and that’s the big one, guys. I think that’s the big one that holds people back from launching and or growing their online coaching business to the level that they would like it to be is that they’re always in comparison mode.

Like, guys, you’ve got to get out of comparison mode. All right. Here’s here’s the truth. Right. And is that not everybody wants to go learn from the guru. So, again, if you are if you let’s just say run a marketing agency. All right. And you have a couple of clients and you’ve been doing that on, you know, for a year or two. And let’s just say you make 5000 dollars a month, OK?

Now, in the online space, five thousand dollars a month isn’t a ridiculous amount of money per say. All right. I mean, there’s plenty of marketing agencies out there, online marketing agencies that do, you know, tens of millions, if not fifty million dollars a year. OK, and so the kind of the solo entrepreneur who’s running their little consulting marketing agency doing five month, they feel they’re not in the position to be a coach because they’re not they’re not running.

A multimillion dollar business per say, right? They’re not running a multimillion dollar agency, and so the perception to them is, you know, we know the people who should be teaching and coaching how to build a marketing agency should be the CEOs of the marketing agencies that are doing millions and millions of dollars.

Well, the fact of the matter is, guys, there are, gosh, I would imagine 100 million people that would love to make 5000 dollars a month from home in working in your pajamas and setting your own schedule and doing what you want to do all day and not having a boss and being able to work from coffee shops and other things. Granted, there is no crazy viruses running around keeping things locked down like this.

There’s so many people you can you can go up to just about anybody in public and say, hey, would you like to make five thousand dollars a month from home? And they’re most likely all of them are going to be like that would be is my dream come true? Right.

And so what we need to realize, right, is, is if you’re in that make money online space persay or like you are a copywriter or you run an agency or something like that and you think you’re not qualified to coach others, it’s just it’s just completely false. Right. There’s so many people that would love to make 5000 dollars a month with a marketing agency. And so the transition here or the mindset shift here needs to simply be this.

Right. It’s all about how you would present yourself. OK, and this will help you past imposter syndrome, because if you were to run around on the Internet and start saying, hey, let me show you how to grow a million dollar marketing agency, well, now you’re absolutely going to experience imposter syndrome because you yourself know that that’s not true. You know that you’re lying to yourself and to your audience. All right.

If you run around and say, hey, let me show you how to make five thousand dollars a month, you know, as a brand new entrepreneur and grow a marketing agency, if you were to say that, then basically what you’re saying is 100 percent true.

And so and people are people that are going to be coming to you for that one to sign up to your coaching services to learn how to do that. They’re not expecting million dollar results. Your promise to them was, hey, let me show you how I am making five thousand dollars a month. I’ll show you everything that I’m doing. So they’re not going to expect to make millions of dollars now. Right. So that’s part number one, guys, is that you just have to realize it.

You don’t have to be the best in the industry. Right. There’s so many people that would love to be and learn how to do what it is that you’re you’re doing right. Again, if you’re a copywriter and you let’s just say you still have a nine to five job, but you make an extra several grand a month on the side as a copywriter, there’s so many people who would love to make an extra three to seven grand a month or whatever it might be as a copywriter like that’s massive for people, right?

That’s peoples like mortgages and retirements and things of that nature. Right. So you totally have an audience to show people how to become a copywriter. And you don’t have to be the best in the world. Now, if this hasn’t sunkin yet, that’s OK. Let me put it into perspective for you like this. Let’s say we’re going to flip the script here. All right. I love giving this example. Let’s say that you had twenty thousand dollars to spend on coaching, OK?

And for some folks listening, that would be a ton of money. Let’s just say, all right, you have twenty thousand dollars, you’re going to hire a motivational coach. All right. And so, you know for sure, OK, I’m lacking motivation that that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a motivational coach. I’m willing to invest twenty thousand dollars into this coach because I know that they’re going to motivate me to get my work done and I’ll be that much more productive.

And that’s going to equate to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, because I’m actually working rather than just, you know, sleeping in all day.

All right. Now, let me ask you this again. Who would you rather hire? Would you rather hire Tony Robbins, who my guess is has a consulting rate of twenty thousand dollars an hour. So basically, you can have a one hour sit down with Tony Robbins. All right. And he has one hour to motivate you for the rest of the year. Or would you rather hire a a motivational coach who’s just a normal guy or gal but has it has about thirty or forty testimonials, strong testimonials where they you know, the testimonials are basically saying, yeah, like, you know, oh my gosh, this is incredible motivational coach or she’s an amazing, amazing motivational and business coach.

She helped me double my business and do X, Y, Z and hire a team and all these things and work make more money while working less like incredible, credible coach. Now, let’s just say you’ve never heard of coach number two, but you see that they have twenty or thirty awesome testimonials. And everybody that you’ve spoken to highly endorses them. But they’re not a household name. They’re not Tony Robbins.

All right. You go to coach number two and you inquire about their their coaching services and they say, yeah, you know.

They say if you sign up to a mastermind, the mastermind is 12 months long and the cost is twenty thousand dollars and you’ll have a phone call with me every single week, as well as you’ll have a group coaching call every single week with my team. And and then you’ll have a log into our training area where there’s other materials and exercises that that are going to help you with your mindset and help you stay focused and motivated. And that’s our program.

And here are results that we have across all these different clients. All right. So those are your two two options. All right. You can hire Tony Robbins and have him for just one hour. The biggest considered the best guru coach there is out there in the motivational space. Or you can hire like a regular Joe or Sally from down the street who has great testimonials and is going to give you a ton more support because their name isn’t Tony Robbins quite yet.

All right. Where do you who do you think is going to deliver more transformation to you in that situation? Tony Robbins, who you only have an hour with, or the regular coach who has a track record of success with four other people just like you. And it’s going to be able to give you way more support over the course of an entire year, not just for one hour, an entire year. Right. So I think it’s pretty clear.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would be choosing coach number two. Right. I’ve hired so many non guru coaches who have helped massively explode my business. And the reason for that is sometimes the best coaches for you are the ones that are barely above you, just barely in front of you, because and this is a long first podcast, I’m ranting and raving here, but will run with it. So sometimes the best coaches are the ones just barely above you because they were literally just in your shoes so they can relate to you the most.

They know exactly what you’re going through because they were literally just there themselves. And and so, again, like sometimes getting that voice from like the that just the absolute billionaire right there. They forget what it’s like to be at your level when you’re just starting or wherever you’re at. And so sometimes they don’t have the right advice as the person who literally is just one step in front of you is going to know exactly how to how to overcome the obstacles that you’re facing, because they literally just went through those obstacles.

And so that I think if you guys if you really think about that example there, it should kind of help you recognize, oh, my gosh, I don’t need to be a multimillionaire to coach people how to make an extra few grand a month. I don’t need to be I don’t need to have a perfect relationship to be an awesome relationship coach. I don’t have to be the world’s best spiritual adviser who’s, you know, climbed all the mountains and done all the things and all the slogan on stage to really help somebody, you know, you know, attract more abundance into their life and that live the life that they desire.

All right. And so really, guys, again, to circle back around to this, right. There’s really only three things that are required to become an online coach. One, you have a result that other people want to learn.

And two, you have a message in marketing marketing that is relatable to a specific audience. All right. And that we will save for another episode is messaging and marketing. But you want to have a message in market messaging and marketing to a specific audience. And and then number three is just that you’re willing to work to get your clients results like you actually are going to care about your clients and you’re going to work really hard to get them results.

Those are really the only three things that are required to be an online coach. So let me I hope that that is helpful for everybody that’s listening in. And it really is considering getting into the online coaching space or otherwise. Maybe you’re already an online coach and this is the type of material that might help you as you coach your potential prospects as well that are facing like imposter syndrome and trying to figure out am I qualified to be an all my coach?

Short answer is, guys, you are absolutely qualified if you have a result that other people want. All right. That’s the primary thing from there. It’s about marketing. And then the third one is that you actually are going to go ahead and work to get your client’s results and to be an awesome coach. All right. And so that’s it for this first episode. Guys, as always, keep doing you, keep have an absolute blast with your online business.

And we will see you guys in the next episode.

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Guys, we will see you in the next one.


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