A Popular Question From Coaches: What if My Client's Don't Get Results?

Written By Dino Gomez

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What if my clients don’t get results? All right, it’s a popular concern amongst aspiring coaches and so that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Now, this is a story all about how am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, so aspiring coaches often ask this question or have this concern, and I think I had this concern as well or this thought, when I was launching my first coaching program years ago.

Which is like, what if I don’t get results? Then what? Right. And it’s a valid concern and thought process, but I think it can be tackled pretty quickly.

So as we’re mammals and stuff, our brain naturally wants to think in the negative in order to protect ourselves from potential harm, danger and emotional suffering. And so that’s naturally a thought process that we would have as humans. What happens? What’s the worst case scenario? Right. What if my clients don’t get results? And what we have to do is just a reframe here.

The way I like to reframe this is by playing that What-If game, like, let’s just flip the script a little bit here. What if your clients do get results, then what? Right.

Like what? What would that mean to them? How could their life change? Right. If your relationship coach, you might save a marriage. Right. You might create a partnership if you’re dating coach. Right. If you’re in the make money online space, you literally might save a family. Like you might save not only the relationship because relationships go bad when money is tight, but then you literally could transform their entire life, their entire family’s life.

You could put their kids through college, you could get them out of a nine to five job.

Like there are some incredible testimonials and stories that we’ve had through our coaching programs where we have literally seen people go from joining one of our programs with 100 percent faith with the last basically money in their bank account. And at that point, having two daughters that were graduating high school within a matter of months and not having the funds to put them through the first semester of college, they both got accepted into the universities that they were aiming for and the family didn’t have money to put them through.

The girls didn’t know. And the debt that this was all happening. And literally in a couple of months of being inside of our programs, this individual was able to put his daughters through the first semester of college and actually put 10K into his bank account. All right. And so we can play the what if my clients don’t get results game, but we can also play what if they do get results?

You can literally save and transform lives. And so that’s what we really need to do, when these types of negative thoughts come up, we just need to take a moment, take a deep breath. Right. And ask ourselves, is this the valid emotion, or is this the mammal part of my brain trying to protect myself from a worst case scenario type of thing? So that’s the first kind of step there Is reframe it to what if they do get results in?

The next thing to do is to recognize that as an online coach, you’re not going to have one hundred percent success rate. Like we all want 100 percent success rate. But it’s just not possible. It’s not possible in anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Right. It just not possible. There’s so many different variables to this. Right. Like you are a coach. You’re not building the business literally manually for them.

So if they decide to stop at any point or quit or they get sick or something else happens personally or they’re unable to do that, there’s so many different factors. So you’re never going to have one hundred percent success rate. With that said, what you can control is customer satisfaction, right.

Or client satisfaction, because there’s different things like things will come up in your client’s lives where they’re unable to do the work. Right and put in the effort in the time, in the hours to make your program work for them because of personal reasons. And there’s so many different factors to that. but they’re not going to be upset at you for that. They recognize that. Oh, my gosh, I got unlucky with got in a car accident and I have a broken arm for the next three months and I can’t work like they’re not going to be mad at you because of their circumstance.

What we can focus on, though, is client satisfaction. Right. Doing the absolute best that we can do continually to make our programs better and to make sure our clients feel supported and to do in all different areas like client and customer feedback surveys and checking in on them and all the different things. Right. Just like a restaurant owner, if your meal comes out cold. Right. They can’t guarantee every single meal is going to be cooked perfectly.

Right. They have a process and a system down. Normally their food comes out is delicious. Right. And that’s why you keep returning to the restaurant. But then, you know, on the twentieth time you return, the burger wasn’t cooked the way it normally is or it’s missing the special sauce you love so much. And the manager comes out, apologizes. They recook it for you. Right. So that’s what you can do. So it doesn’t matter what industry we’re in here, there’s never one hundred percent success rate.

We just have to recognize that we have the opportunity to fix things and make our clients feel supported, and that’s basically what we do, and then it’s not really a big issue whatsoever. And then also, again, continually making your programs better and just by you merely always looking after your clients, doing absolutely everything you can to help them achieve the success that they want.

That in itself allows you to sleep well. Right. And your clients know how hard you’re working. They know what you’re doing. They can tell based on your support and your availability, your innovation, all the different things they can tell. It’s pretty easy to tell when somebody cares or doesn’t care. And so it’s not really a huge concern. Right. The other thing to recognize is that people join programs for ten different reasons.

One of the top reasons people join a mastermind is not for the program itself. It’s just for the connections, because connections are everything in business and being surrounded by people that are at a higher level than you.You can almost change nothing, so to speak, and your business will grow just by nature of being around these people. Now, you will end up changing things by nature, being around these people, but you don’t need the coach to come out and almost teach you something new. Just by being surrounded by these other people.

You’re going to see what they’re doing here, what they’re doing and all those little things and see what’s possible. And then your brain will just click and you’ll know what to do. So people join Mastermind’s for so many different reasons and programs, for so many different reasons. People join and go to live events and stuff like that for community as well. They just want to be around other like minded people. Some people join programs with no intention of ever doing the training.

They just want to see what the training is like. They’re like, I just want to check it out, like because it looks cool and see how you put it together, because, you know, I’m going to create my own program in a different niche. But I wanted to see what your layout is. I never actually intended to do any of it. There’s so many different reasons why people join programs. So that’s the other thing to recognize.

And then otherwise, if you want to have some fun with it. Right. Playing that reframe game, like what if my clients get results? What if it saves lives? What if it changes lives? What if it does all the amazing things that it can do, take somebody from suicidal to happy. That’s something that we have had heard several times through our programs. That’s so much more powerful to focus on. And then beyond that too.

if you want to be a little bit goofy, because this is what this is my personality and my thought process. Right. And my brand. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m a goofy dude. I’d like to have fun, but I’d like to take serious matters. And the way I get past them or through them or think around them is I try and look at it in a funny light. I try and make it a little bit humorous for myself, and that makes it so that it takes the pressure off.

And so in this example, what I would do here is if I was worried, like, what if my clients don’t get results? I’d start saying, well, like what if I was an architect and I designed roller coasters like a theme parks, like a roller coaster. That’s a job, right? You design a roller coaster. I could be like, well, what if some kid doesn’t like my ride? What if they get off the ride crying?

That is going to happen naturally. There’s going to be some kids that get on the roller coaster and decide they don’t like the upside down part. Right. And they’re going to come off crying. It doesn’t stop you from building an awesome roller coaster that most people have a blast riding. Right. And so I could go on with a million stupid examples like that. But, that in itself is kind of the silliness of that question is not to say it’s not a legitimate concern, but again, that’s the way I look at things to help myself get past it. It is like, how can I take this serious question, reframe it so that it no longer holds weight in terms of like a concern or a limited belief that I could have.

And so I will do something goofy like that, like that roller coaster example so that I go, yeah, like not everybody’s going to like the roller coaster. Some people are going to get sick and throw up on it. But ninety nine percent of people are going to love it. Right. And are going to get off like full of with an adrenaline rush and be raving and ranting about it and love the picture of their family on it at the one part, you know.

And so that’s the way to kind of I think, get past the what if my clients don’t get results? Thing is just that reframe and then what you can do, action based wise is just always improve your product and your service. And then beyond that, customer service is a different thing. Right. Like making sure people feel supported even if they’re in a circumstance of their own. That’s preventing them from actually doing the work.

Right. And so those little things should make you feel comfortable about still going out there, putting together your program. Doing your absolute best with getting your clients results and with those little things, I think you should be able to break through, the kind of that limiting belief or that scarcity mindset that something could go wrong and a client could get upset and just know. Right. Again, there’s no, not even in a restaurant, is there 100 percent satisfaction rate.

But you just continually get better. And when the burger comes out cold, you replace it. Right. And so I hope that helps you. If you’re wondering if you wanted to get into the coaching business, if you already are a coach and something like that is still plaguing you, you just continually look to improve. The other thing you can do right is the more you invest yourself as a coach, right. It not only serves you growing your business, but it makes you a better coach to your clients.

So if you’re struggling with getting your clients results, maybe look at investing in another program doesn’t have to be ours, but another program that’s suited right for you.

And what you will do is twofold. As a coach, when you invest because it grows your business, you learn how to make your coaching business land more clients, get better at sales and you should learn other methodologies and stuff that are going to help you become a better coach so that your clients get better results. So it’s like a two for one deal. So as coaches, it definitely makes sense to invest because you’re going to make your clients, you’re going to be a better instructor to your clients and then you going to grow your business as well.

And when your clients get more results, they give better testimonials, more referrals, and that in turn grows your business again. So it’s really a three for one. And so I’m consistently looking to invest all the time. And I think I have invested in like five or six programs this year. We’re recording this at the beginning of October 1st and the first week of October. And I have invested in five or six programs this year, just invested in one last like three weeks ago, and that was a five figure investment.

I’m continually doing that because it’s going to grow our business and allow me to be an even better coach to our clients and return.

So just a couple of things for you there, but I hope that helps you guys out. Use the reframe technique if it helps you to put a funny spin on on the concept that might also help you pass certain different issues. Otherwise, just keep doing your absolute best, guys. Keep growing, keep getting better, and your clients will appreciate it and they will absolutely recognize it and always ask yourself, what if it goes right and changes lives.

All right.

So that’s it for this episode, guys, as always, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business and we will see you guys in the next episode.

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Guys, we will see you in the next one, Bye bye.



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