A Masterful Facebook Ad Secret For Online Coaches

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we are going to talk about a masterful Facebook ad secret we’re bringing out the ninja, the samurai swords, the guru-ness, everything. All right, let’s get into it right now.

Now, this is a story all about how am I?

Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing seven-figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, guru’s samurai swords, ninjas, Facebook, ad secrets, let’s dive into this. All right, guys. So when it comes to Facebook ads, there is a strategy that I stumbled upon, as everybody else says.

I don’t know. It just came to me.

And because we’ve been running Facebook ads for, gosh, almost five years now, gosh, time is flying by.

Flying by. But, yes, I mean, here’s the thing.

So there’s so much discussion in the coaching industry about, you know, using just organic marketing versus using Facebook ads. And you know, my belief system on it is very strong when you’re as a new coach, start with organic just because it’s free. Right. And you can get a lot of feedback and you can build a Facebook group and you could grow your Instagram or you could grow your YouTube channel and build your following and drive traffic there and get clients there.

And you can you reach out if you so choose and you can do JV partnerships. And there’s a lot of different things and ways to get started as an online coach using organic.

But then at some point, you go, you know what, I want to scale, I want to get bigger.

I want consistency. I want predictability. Right. And that’s what ads brand new is predictability. Right. You can predict once you dial in your ads, you start getting data and start getting numbers. Organic doesn’t give you data. All right. So if you do organic marketing, you don’t know how many of your Facebook posts somebody read before they reached out to you and said, I want to become a client. You don’t have that data.

You don’t know which post resonated with them. If you’re not getting clients, you don’t know which content is not working or if there was a particular thing you said that piss people off and, turn them where you don’t have that data. But with Facebook or any type of online advertising, you have data that says why big brands use advertising is because you get data and it becomes a mathematical equation to scale your business. So that’s why I love Facebook.

Let’s dive into it and start with organic and then when you’re ready to scale, you go into Facebook ads. And this is what we teach inside of our mastermind’s seven-figure visionary and we help our clients out with their Facebook ads so that they crush it. And now let me talk to you. I want to share with you guys just one. And we have so many secrets when it comes to Facebook ads. But I want to share with you guys a really powerful one that will help you out.

All right. So with Facebook ads as with anything as with your opt-in page, even if you’re doing organic and you’re doing like you have a lead magnet just to build your email list and trying to figure out like, OK, what do people want? All right. It’s really quite simple what you can do. The first thing you should do is just ask your current audience. All right. So post on your personal profile and ask your audience which headline they like more, which sounds better to them, which one is more intriguing.

Have them vote for you so that you get feedback and data. Right. And so if you have a Facebook group you can do it in the Facebook group. You can do it in somebody else’s Facebook group. So let me give me an example with our first coaching program, which was teaching aspiring entrepreneurs Facebook ads. Now we mentor coaches. But with our first program, we were teaching Facebook ads. And so I was trying to figure out, OK, what should my webinar be about?

Right. I’m going to set up a funnel. I’m going to run some Facebook ads. People are going to click on an ad. Hopefully, they like the offer of what will be teaching on this webinar so that they’ll sign up at a high percentage and then we’ll deliver on that webinar and wow. And dazzle them. And afterward, they can book a call with our team to join our program. OK, and so I’m trying to figure out, OK, what should our webinar be about?

What should our hook be? What should our offer be? All right. And so I basically just pulled out my audience. I was like, hey, guys, what sounds better? There’s a couple of different ones I had. It was like the first one was how SEO experts can use Facebook ads to grow their business. I was like, that could be a headline. That could be the offer. That could be the hook. The next one was like how we landed 11 SEO clients in one month.

All right. So there is a different offer, a different hook. Another one we tried was how you can use Facebook ads to explode your business. That was another one. The fourth one was like how to start and grow a Facebook ad agency. So there is like another one. So we had those different, potential offers. Right. And an offer is everything. Guys, your offer is absolutely everything.

It is King. If you have a great offer, you’re going to make sales, you’re going to land clients. And so we have to nail this because and that the first thing you want to do when you’re building out some type of funnel with advertising or before you even create a freebie like a lead magnet before you create an. E-book or a PDF or video training series or anything that you would give away for free, first, make sure that people want that freebie before you create it because otherwise, you’re going to spend all this time writing an e-book or writing an actual book or doing a video series or recording a webinar.

And then nobody signs up to watch it because your offer was off. And so you have to know the offer.

So here’s the masterful guru, Ninja Samurai type of Facebook trick is this, basically just writing down what you think 4 different hooks, 4 different offers and then posting online and getting feedback from your audience on which one they like the most. And from that normally that is pretty accurate with the majority if you get like 20 or 30 people comment. Normally it’s pretty accurate what the winner is going to be amongst the crowd.

But to take it a step further, what we do is we will create our opt-in page for our webinar funnel.

And then what we will do is we will set up four different advertisements. Our first four ads and all four ads will use the same image and the only thing that will be different is the headline in the ad. All right. Basically our offer. All right. And so we will use those four different hooks and in four different Facebook ads using the exact same images and the exact same targeting, driving traffic to the exact same landing page.

All right. And what we are looking at first, is which of those ads has the best click-through rate? All right. And this is something that people don’t talk about. Click-through rate. You rarely hear that people talk about cost per lead and when they really should be talking about cost per sale. But most people talk about cost per lead like that’s the term that everybody throws around. So what we look at is clickthrough rate, because that means the images were all the same, the audience was the same, the ad copy was the same.

The only thing different was the headline, our main offer. And so we do that and we might spend 20, we might spend fifty dollars one hundred dollars on those four ads and just see which ad gets clicked the most. All right. Which one has the highest click-through rate? The one that’s most enticing. That is the winning offer. All right. At that point. Because if once the ad’s been shown to thousands of people and you see which one has the highest click-through rate, the one that people want to click on the most because they like it the most, then what we do is we go update our opt-in page.

All right, So, the opt-in page might have originally been like three secrets to run in Facebook ads. And then we were testing four different hooks in our Facebook ads, just like how I landed 11 clients with Facebook ads, how to start a Facebook ad agency. You know, three cool strategies with Facebook ads. So what we do is you always want to match the headline of your ad for the most part to the headline of your landing page so that there’s congruence so that somebody sees an ad they read the bold text that’s at the bottom of the ad.

That’s the headline. And the headline says How I Landed 11 Clients using Facebook ads. And we found that to be the winner. All right. And so once we know that was the winner, then we took that headline and we put it on the landing page. So people are scrolling on the news feed.

They see this ad that says how I landed 11 clients with Facebook ads and they go, wow, I would love to land 11 clients with Facebook ads. And we said we said in one month because that was something that we actually did. And so people see that and they go, wow, OK, I want to learn how to land 11 clients in one month using Facebook ads. So they click on our ad, they go to our landing page.

And what’s on the landing page? The first thing they read is how I landed 11 clients in one month using Facebook ads. All right. So there’s that congruence there. So we ended up with a very high opt-in rate and then we knew exactly what we needed to produce. As far as the actual webinar, we needed to talk about how to land clients. And so we basically put together a webinar where we gave away various strategies, not all of our strategies, but we gave away some very good strategies on how to land clients.

And then we said at the end of the webinar, like, this is the tip of the iceberg, which it absolutely was. And so if you want to learn our best-kept secrets and more of these types of strategies to land clients and grow and Facebook ad agency, book a call with our team and you can join our program. And so that’s essentially how it ran and how it operated. But that’s something that most people don’t do.

They will spend when I hear online coaches try their hand at Facebook ads without any experience ever and say I’ve lost thousands of dollars, it’s because they just don’t know these fundamental things to do and they’re normally throwing stuff at the wall, and they haven’t tested their hook, they don’t know they didn’t even pull their audience to see what their audience wants to learn about. And if you do those simple things, you get a ton of verified data and then you build your funnel from there.

And then you write in a script and record your webinar from there. And, you know, it’s going to resonate with what your audience wants and then you’re off to the races. All right. And so there’s a lot of other technicalities, of course, that go into running Facebook ads and email sequences and follow-ups ups and integrations and things of that nature. And we cover all of that inside of our mastermind and have a tech support team that helps our clients through that stuff, which I think is the coolest thing in the world.

But, guys, if you are considering running Facebook ads to scale your coaching business, do that right, test your headlines, and what your hook in your offer is. First, you’ll find your winner, and then from there, you build out the rest of your funnel. All right. so I haven’t heard somebody speak to that before. And that’s a tip, that strategy that we’ve been using. And it allows us to very quickly put up funnels and webinar sequences and lead magnets that hit home.

As I’m recording this episode right now, we are getting ebook leads for two dollars and fifty cents at scale. We’re getting 50 leads a day for two dollars and fifty cents each. Because of this technique, I knew exactly what verbiage to use and what offers people wanted and what to create my ebook around because I asked our audience, I ran some ads, I saw what people were clicking on the most, what they wanted the most. And then we developed the ebook based on what they wanted.

and so that’s pretty cool.

So I wanted to share that with you guys because I hear so many people talk about how Facebook ads are super complicated and crazy and technical, and there are some technicalities to it to a degree. But you can have somebody help you and provide support with that, and especially if they know these types of little things to ensure that your funnel and your offer and your hook is good enough and will actually convert. All right. And so I hope there’s a ton of value for you guys.

I hope some light bulbs went off. If you’re somebody who’s already running ads of a cool strategy, you can use it. And if you’re not, you know, bookmark this episode so that when you are prepared to run ads, you can have a really fast start and absolutely crush it. And yeah, there’s just so many cool things that you can do with Facebook ads. We have people inside of our program right now that are running Facebook ads to grow their Facebook group and they’re getting group members at ten cents per group member, which is so crazy, so crazy to me.

But anyway, I just want to share that with you guys. That is it for this episode.

I hope they’re out that qualified and met standards of samurai swords and ninjas for you. But as always, guys, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business. Much love. And we will catch you in the next episode.

Hey, Dino Gomez here, and if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the secretsofCoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos, and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five-star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode.

Guys, we will see you at the next one, Bye-bye.


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