3 Copywriting Tips to Help You Attract Coaching Clients

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you guys a crazy, awesome, funny, true story that you have to listen to. And simultaneously, I’m also going to share with you guys three copywriting tips that you can take to the bank with you. Let’s get into it right now.

Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, true story. This was crazy, so I was going grocery shopping or I was out doing something for the holidays recently, picking something up before heading over to my mom’s house.

And so I’m at the shopping center. She called me the last moment she needed me to run in and grab something for her. So I’m in the shopping center right now. Get this. This red Ferrari pulls up. All right. This woman gets out of the red Ferrari.

And with her, I’ve never seen this before because I don’t know that I would ever have this in a red Ferrari. But with her, she had a bulldog that was slobbering everywhere. I mean, I’m talking like everywhere, the slobber was all down her dress and imagine it was all over the car and it was absolutely insane. And I was kind of like dying, laughing because she was mad at the dog for slobbering.

But and then it started shaking and the slobber would spread all over the side of the actual red Ferrari.

And it looked like it was a really nice new red Ferrari. Right. And so I was just dying. Laughing But anyways, I completely made up that story, every part of it.

And it’s kind of ridiculous when I just think about that for a second as a concept.

But anyways, did you listen to that story and what were you thinking?

I want to share with you guys today, three copywriting tips and otherwise three tips to maintain and capture your audience’s attention.

And the first one is by using the words true story. All right. True story.

Like, I love to start off if I’m going to write copy for an email, if I’m going to write copy for a sales letter, if I’m writing copy for a social media post I love towards the top or at some point of the main chunk of the sales letter I love is in the words true story, because when you say true story, people lean in closely and they go, oh my gosh, this must be so good that they have to first say what is about to be said is actually true because it’s so unbelievable.

All right. And so it’s a simple one.

Right. And that’s what this would be, a short episode. I just want to give you guys a couple little fire power tips, but it’s a simple one. Right. And granted, if at the time it was recorded, covid going on. So it’s not like there’s a lot of too much socializing going on out there. But next time when things are normal, you’re at a cocktail party or whatever it is. Right.

You’re out with friends or whatever. I mean, you can walk up to a group of strangers and with a smile on your face and just say, hey, I’m so sorry, but true story. I have to tell you guys this. And they will all lean in to hear what this true story is, because everybody wants to know what am I going to hear that is so unbelievable that it has to start with the premise is true story.

So that’s the first one guys, use true story. Second one is kind of an easy one that also ties back into how we started this episode. But it’s to tell stories.

People love stories. Stories are everything. There are two to three times as likely to be remembered. So any time you can tell a true story and the more vulnerable you get, oftentimes the more you’ll connect with your audience. They’ll trust you more for your honesty.

So, rather than telling just a generic story on social media or in your Facebook group or in your email, and sometimes those work just as well. But the more vulnerable you are about something weird that happened to you, like the you know, the more people because weird things happen to people all the time. So, for example, our dog literally threw up in our living room the other day. I was doing a Facebook live and the dog was in the background making this throw up noise or something.

It’s just what it is. It happens, right?

So the more authentic you can be with your voice. When you do tell those stories, the easier you will find it to land clients and people will relate to you. And there’s this notion in the coaching space that I completely disregard, which is that you need to project like this perfection and that everything is just perfect and flows in your life and all these different things.

But I think it’s such a fake persona that really worked in the past, where, you put on and that’s what social media is for the most part, is just people showing off the highlights of their life.

But when you just show vulnerability in terms of like you’re a normal person and stuff like that, like clients connect with that, they can see that you’re real and they appreciate that. And so you don’t want to go on Facebook and social media and spew out, you know, how your life is falling apart. I don’t think people will want to hire you at that moment, but if you do, you know, tell a story, you can tell a story about how you overcame difficulties and things of that nature you guys might have heard in previous episodes.

I talk about when I was 13 years ago battling drug and addiction problem. And that’s what led me into learning a lot about the mind and psychology and NLP and different things. And so you can tell those types of stories of overcoming difficulties in life and things of that nature. But stories, guys, get real with your stories and people can really feel like they get to know you a lot.

And so stories are awesome. All right. So that’s an easy, quick tip. Number two, For you tell more stories just like when in doubt, tell a story. And if you don’t have any stories like, yes, you do. You have stories.

Spend some time, sit down on your couch, have a glass of wine this evening and and then otherwise, you know, brainstorm all of the cool and fun stories you’ve had through your childhood, through, you know, through your life. And I’m sure you’ll you’ll realize you’ve had a lot. And if you have a significant other, you can sit down with them and brainstorm all the different stories and put them all down in an app on your phone and the notes app.

And now you have stories that you can pull out in your marketing later on.

And then the third one, guys, is using nostalgia. Right? nostalgia is huge. Notice that, like, the theme song of this podcast has a little jingle to it that might remind you of a popular TV show from what I think would be the 90s, if you believe it’s the 90s. But there is a jingle in there. That reminds you of perhaps the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.

And it was one of the best first comedy family TV shows. So everybody seems to have seen it. And so there’s some nostalgia there. So I want that jingle to be part of this podcast. And it’s not the exact jingle, but it’s a similar one so that there’s a little nostalgia built into that. Right. And so that’s another one.

So I’ve had I’ve had some really great responses from folks and that have emailed me back because I’ll send out an email and sometimes I’ll end the email with the actual jingle to a really popular or famous song or I will start the email off with a quote of a famous line in a movie that everybody happens to love. And again, it’s not that everybody has to love it. Right. It’s that your target audience or the people that you would want to work with would love it.

All right. So it can be a line from a movie or it can be a line from a song that some of your audience isn’t going to like.

That’s perfectly fine, too, because, you know, that’s going to scare away clients that you probably wouldn’t enjoy working with. But the folks who are also like, oh, my gosh, that’s my favorite song. Right?

Then they’re going to be like, OK, now you’re my coach because like, I’ve been thinking about hiring you for a long time. And I was just kind of shopin between a couple of different coaches and really liked your stuff. And now I really know, like, this is meant to be because of the nostalgia factor.

And so, again, it’s just a way to show your personality as well. And so use songs and movie lines and so forth that you enjoy and so forth and you’ll bring those clients to you. Right. They will respond to those emails. And it’s just the complete opposite of what most people do. It is good copywriting. And you’ll notice good copywriters do that quite a lot. But I love doing that in in our marketing and so forth.

And it’s fun because, like, instantly you feel like you have a connection with somebody because folks will just respond and be like, that was my jam. Or, you know, that’s my favorite movie of all time. No way. I had no idea. It’s really cool. So that’s another great kind of copywriting and otherwise, just like messaging tip for you to use.

So there you have it, guys.

The true story like those that phrase persay tell stories. All right.

And feel free to be a little bit vulnerable and make them real, let people know that your dog threw up in the kitchen the other day when you’re doing a Facebook live, but you still did your Facebook live. And then three nostalgia. All right. Those are just three quick ones off the top of my head. I have a ton of copywriting tips. Some of them are easier to explain in a YouTube video or on video.

So I’ll just start with those three for this episode to keep it short and sweet.

But I hope that is helpful for you guys. Try it out. Have some fun this evening. All right. That’s what I like to do, is I like to have fun and enjoy. And those are the types of clients that we attract to us, those in action takers, ones who are ready to go all in and have an absolute blast and grow their business, but also put in the work that’s like who we attract to as positive people that are into growing and learning and those types of things.

So have some fun tonight, if that’s you. All right. And test this out. All right. And by testing it out, you will remember this tip and then it’ll be easier for you to implement it yourself into your marketing. But if you’re in a relationship or whatever it might be, you have somebody that lives with you or you’re just talking to somebody on the phone or you just want to write a funny text message to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Start the text off with true story, wait for their response if you’re sending a text. True story… And then they’re going to respond with like, oh my God, what happened or otherwise. Go up, go up to your significant other, you know, while you guys cook dinner and whatnot and just be like, oh my gosh, true story.

And watch them stop what they’re doing and turn and look at you, it’s a show stopper, so to speak. All right, guys, that’s it for this episode. As always, keep doing. You have a blast growing your online business and we will catch you guys very soon in the next episode. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel. We have lots of cool video stuff on there that sometimes doesn’t translate over to a podcast.

And yeah, we’ll see you guys very soon. Have an amazing day.

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We will see you in the next one, Bye bye.



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