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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and in this video training today, I’m going to be walking you through one hundred and one profitable online coaching niches, let’s get into it.

All right, guys, so in this video, we’re going to be covering one hundred different profitable online coaching niches for you to get started with your online coaching business. Before we get into that, guys, what’s really important is to actually identify which niches are profitable and which ones aren’t. And so as we dive into this training here, we have to understand why people buy. So there’s this cliche saying that goes something like this. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Well, what I’ve actually discovered, guys, that’s allowed me to grow my coaching business beyond seven figures is that actually people buy from people they know, like, trust and relate to. And to relating to somebody is really, really important in order for you to easily generate clients in sales. And this is why some coaches that get started and just become a generic life coach struggle to actually get clients. So let me explain how a buying process, what works from a psychological standpoint, the first phase before anybody purchases anything is really the research phase.

Right after the research phase comes the interest phase where they’re more interested. They’re getting closer to their actual buying decision. And then finally, as they’re researching competitors, they actually go ahead and purchase an actual product and or coaching service in this example. Now, to give you guys a little bit of a background story on how this works from a psychological standpoint, I absolutely love comedy. I love comedy movies, and I love stand up comedy. So one night when my wife and I were actually watching Netflix, which we rarely do, we sat down and I was browsing the comedy section, OK?

And and what happened is I came across Kevin Hart for the first time. And so here is how the decision process actually worked. First, I was looking at the comedy section, then I was looking at stand up comedy. How we’re getting more specific towards the actual basically purchase or buying decision. And then I came to stand up comedy that I could relate to. I was looking at all the titles of the different episodes. The one I could relate to the most was Kevin Hart.

He had just come out with a series called I’m a Grown Little Man Now. I immediately thought this was had to be hilarious because the fact of the matter is I’m like 5’5 myself. So I knew all of his jokes were going to be about being short and I can relate to that. So I knew that he was going to be absolutely hilarious to me. And so that’s why I chose this episode and that’s why I thought and still believe he is the absolute funniest comedian out there, because I relate to a ton of his short jokes.

All right. And so that is how the actual Biden decision process works. Now, look, let’s look at some other examples in the actual coaching space as well. First, we’ll look at an example in the product space that you guys can really understand this. If you were just to go out there and start a dog food brand or company, it would be very difficult. You’d probably have very little success because it’s just too broad and generic and the market is saturated.

OK, what people would do right initially is they would be looking they might be looking for dog food. Then they might decide, hey, I’m actually what I’m in need of is healthy dog food. All right. Now, if you got really specific with your messaging and with your actual branding, if you came up with organic dog food that is healthy and it’s just for Labrador’s, you would have a much higher success rate simply because. Right? You can imagine everybody who has a Labrador and wants to feed them healthy food.

You would become the go to brand and the only option for them. So rather than having a million competitors, the more specific you get, the more of a perfect solution you are to your target audience. All right? Now, let’s again look at this, in the coaching space the major mistake, I always see is online coaches coming out and they just become a life coach, quote unquote, life coach. OK, the problem is it’s just too generic.

Most people don’t even know what that means. And again, you’re not being specific enough to a particular audience. All right. So in the buying cycle, right. Instead of being a life coach, you can take it a deep one step deeper. You can become a spiritual coach for women. All right. Now, all of a sudden, you have a specific audience. And when somebody asks you what you do, you say, I’m a spiritual coach for women.

Right? If they’re actually a female right. And are looking for help in the spiritual space, then all of a sudden you’re an option for them. There’s going to be a lot more residents there. All right. But let’s take it one step further. What if you become a spiritual coach for busy moms? All right. Now you have completely niche down. And now when you’re at a cocktail party or no matter where you are online and people ask you what you do or who’s the go to spiritual coach for your moms.

Right. You’re basically the only option. All right. And this makes it so easy to attract clients into your business and produce sales because your messaging is exactly what people are looking for. And so then there’s just a huge trust factor and authority factor that you’re the go to in that particular the go to authority in that particular space. Right now, let’s look at a real life example here. If we look at, for example, in the fitness space here, this is one of our clients actually is Kelly Renee.

Now, she took this exact strategy, right? Rather than just being another online personal trainer, she came up with a weight loss system for specifically for busy moms, OK, and so her business company name is called Busy Mom Fitness. All right, so anybody who is a mom, right, and wants to lose weight, they’re automatically gonna go to her because she is the authority in the state. She specifically works with mom. She understands and sympathizes, sympathizes with how busy their schedule is.

And so she has workouts and a diet plan and so forth that fits into their lifestyle. And so not only is she able to produce incredible results for her clients because her program and her coaching is so specific, but everybody knows that she is the go to mom in that fitness space. Another one. If you guys have heard of wake up warrior with Garrett White, he basically created a fraternity for married men. And if we actually look up his website here and so forth.

Right, I’ll pull this up. Wake up warrior, but it says right here he’s got the comprehensive system. Right for businessmen and for married men. And that’s his messaging. And he’s got seventeen thousand married men who gathered together. And they talk about business and sales and and marriage and all these different things and fitness. Right. And he’s very specific with his message. So rather than just being a coach, a business coach.

He says, my system is for for men, in particular married men who want to improve their business, all aspects of their life, their fitness, their sex life as well, and their relationship with their wife. Some very specific message. And this turned into an eight figure business for him because of that specific message. All right. And so I want to help you guys really understand how important your messaging is and not just choosing a broad niche, but choosing a specific niche so that your audience immediately resonates with you.

All right. And so this is how I came across this message after doing a lot of research and testing things out myself. But here is something that we teach inside one of our programs. It’s called the personality matrix. The personality matrix is going to help you identify a profitable niche and message that’s specific to you so that you eliminate all competitors. Right. And it’s much easier to get clients and grow your business, not just the six figures, but then to seven.

This messaging is what differentiates a coaching business that barely makes it maybe only has to a couple of clients and one that absolutely dominates a space. All right and so the personality matrix works like this, guys. It’s a three step process. Step one, you find how people can relate to you and you write that down. All right, step two, you list all of your accomplishments, things you’re interested in or otherwise your target audience.

All right. And then step three, you find overlays between the two. All right. So let me give you an example of why this is so powerful is because people are more likely to buy from you if you have something in common rather than from the world’s greatest expert in the field. All right. So using this strategy of niching down this far with specific messaging eliminates your competition. Let me show you guys some amazing examples. So this is the personality matrix I did for myself.

So step one, I need to find out how can people relate to me? Why how could people relate to me? And so I listed out all of the ways people might describe me. They originally at the time this is many years ago, I was considered an expert. So I wrote that down as far as demographics and so forth. My last name is Dino Gomez. So I wrote down a Hispanic white heritage. I wrote down that I’m short because that’s an attribute you could use to describe me physically and then I’m young.

All right, step two, I’m going to write down all of my expertise. Well, I have a very successful online business and was able to escape my nine to five job. All right. I also have a case study where I was able to double my client’s revenue with Facebook ads in just one week. So that was an accomplishment of mine. Also, I married my dream wife, so I thought, OK, that’s something I’m proud of.

That’s another expertise, accomplishment of mine. So step three, I want to find overlays between the two so that I can have a very specific and branded personal message. And so here are some possible niches for me to go after the first one. But how Mexican Americans can start an online agency. You can see how that would be powerful because of my last name. There’s so many trades out there on how to start an online business.

Right. But if I got really specific and went after this demographic, they would be like they had to choose. They would say, I’m going out. I prefer to learn from you because we have the same background, same heritage. Another example, right? I could have gone with a training on how short guys can attract women or get a date. That would have been powerful because I’m short myself. And so other short guys would rather learn from another short guy.

And rather than just a tall, really buff guy. People want to like people. That’s the relation factor. But people buy from people that are similar to them. The third option I had how SEO experts can use Facebook ads to land new clients. All right. And so the one I went with guys was the third one. How SEO experts can use Facebook ads to land new clients and grow their business. And so what happened is.

Was this if we look at this actual layout and chart right here is that when I launched my Facebook ad course, there were thousands of Facebook ad courses. And so the question we have to ask ourselves is, you know, some of them were successful, some of them not so much at all. But why was my course able to produce seven figures in revenue while also gaining over three hundred and fifty reviews from our members, like our members got insane results and are still getting the same results with our Facebook ads course.

Why and how did that happen? Well, first off, my audience is this very particular audience of SEO experts. And so amongst the thousands of Facebook ad courses. My messaging was very, very specific to them. It was I had a Facebook ad course for them. All right. And so when they’re trying to choose between all of the competition, they were naturally always going to choose me because I designed a course that was specific to them and their problems.

And so looking at like the opt in page to my funnel, this was the opt in page. It says how I landed 11 clients in one month using one simple strategy. And so what would happen is rather than when my SEO audience, my target audience. They were looking at hundreds of different Facebook ad courses, trying to choose which one they would come to mind and go, oh, my gosh, this is a Facebook ad course for SEO agencies I own.

An agency is going to be to show me things that this course is more relevant to me. Right. And so that’s exactly what we want to do withour messaging. And why is it so important to niche down? Because it makes you an instant authority. And so this is how you build a profitable niche. And I’m going to reveal again, guys, 100 hundred different profitable niches. But this is how you actually build a profitable coaching business, is as choosing a niche and writing messaging to a specific audience.

All right. And so here’s just a couple of screenshots of what started happening online. Right. These are inside different Facebook groups, but inside Facebook groups, you know, somebody would ask, OK, I want to learn Facebook ads. Who has the best Facebook ad course? While every single time inside these Facebook groups that were for SEO experts that somebody asked this question, I was the only option. So everybody would always say, I recommend DinoGomez.

You can see these screenshots. You know, people are in different Facebook groups for SEO experts like who has the best Facebook? And of course, it was always there, always say me because my course was for SEO experts. And so it was very, very specific. And these are things that other coaches won’t tell you to do. They will tell you just become a life coach. And I’m telling you, it’s going to be you’re going to have so much competition and you’re going to have difficulties getting clients right.

You might get your first couple, but then all of a sudden you’re going to hit this glass ceiling. You really have to have dialed in messaging. And so, guys, what I was actually selling them with my first program was Facebook ads. But what made it special was my messaging. This is not just a Facebook ad course. This is a Facebook ad course for SEO experts. So if you’re an expert, you know, this program is designed for you to get results.

And that’s the cool thing about knitting down is I actually made my Facebook ad course specific for SEO agencies. And so it because of that, the training was so good and so perfect for what they needed, that we ended up with over three hundred and fifty reviews. All right. And so it also made it so that all the major gurus out there who had, of course, before me and had more traffic than me and more authority than me and a bigger YouTube channel and all these things, it didn’t matter because my messaging was so specific.

And so, guys, what I want to do right now is I want to help you guys find your actual profitable online coaching niche. And so beneath this video, guys, as promised, get grabbed the actual PDF of one hundred different online coaching niches to choose from. That will give you some inspiration and some ideas of directions that you can go. And then from there, we’ll actually have the personality matrix for you as well, which will walk you through.

How to create that very specific messaging. That eliminates your competition and pulls in very, very specific audience that’s ready to buy from you. And so, guys, go ahead, grab that PDF beneath this video. If this video is helpful for you guys and some insight and stuff like that, go ahead. Smash the like button subscribe button. Also, if you guys have any questions about growing in online coaching business, go ahead.

Feel free to drop off a question below. I read all the comments and I’ll go ahead with another video for you guys.

All right. So that’s what I have for you guys today. We will see you in the next video.


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