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Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and in this video training today, we are going to be talking about the one major mistake coaches are making that are losing them clients. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, so you’re an online coach, service provider or something of that nature, and you’re on Facebook, you’re on social media, you probably use those platforms quite a bit to attract clients into your business. Now, let’s talk about the number one mistake I see coaches making that’s actually costing them clients and new business on social media. And here’s what it is. All right. So oftentimes you’ll see a coach or somebody they’ll just go ahead and they’ll talk about something that’s going on in their life.

In particular, they’ll be talking about how they had a rough day maybe, or how they could be anything, how they lost a client, how there business isn’t going so well, how they’ve gained weight, whatever it might be. They’re kind of airing their dirty laundry, so to speak, on social media. And the thing is, as a coach, you are looked up to as a leader, and it’s really important that you consistently have the persona and the reputation of being a leader.

People are your clients are looking up to you for mentorship, for leadership and to grow their business. And what they don’t want to see, what prospects don’t want to see from you is, is you playing the victim card. All right. And so everybody, regardless of who you are, right. Has bad days, rough days. You know, business might be down for a moment. They could lose a client. There’s all these different things that happen to all of us.

But what we don’t want to do is air our dirty laundry on Facebook. What we can do, though, is we do want to be authentic. We want to we don’t want to pretend like we’re superhuman or anything that we’re not. But there’s there’s a way, tasteful way to actually talk about yourself on social media. And so I’m going to give you guys an example. Let’s hop into my computer right here. All right. So I’m going to show you guys a post that I left on Facebook where, again, I’m basically presenting myself as a normal person.

Right. But I’m also presenting myself as a leader. So, again, you don’t want to air your dirty laundry on social media. I see a lot of new coaches do this. And and basically they just kind of want, like, pity points, so to speak. They and their posts might get a ton of engagement. People might be like, oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry. You’re having a horrible day wishing you well. I hope you’re good, my friend.

And just because the post gets a lot of engagement, doesn’t mean it’s actually convincing people to become a buyer from you, right to become an actual client. It’s actually doing the inverse. It’s doing the opposite of that. So let me show you a way for which you can talk about difficulties and problems that you’ve had in your business or in life and actually turn that into a story where all of a sudden it’s becomes inspiring piece of content.

And people are like, wow, I want to hire that person as a coach because they know you, they’ve been in my shoes before. They’ve overcome certain obstacles that I’m facing right now. So I’m going to hire them as a coach. That’s what we really want to do. So I posted this in the clickfunnels Facebook group here, and you can see this particular post. Six hundred and forty eight likes two hundred and sixty five comments. All right.

And so this post went super well. I had dozens and dozens and dozens of friend requests after this post, people going like, who is this guy? I want to learn more from them and stuff. And so here’s the way I started this post, guys. It says, I had just lost a huge client and was given thirty days notice. All right. And so the story took place about seven years before when I was young, when I was twenty three years old and I just started this digital marketing.

I talked about how I lost my biggest client, how I lost basically all my income with that client. But again, I wasn’t just posting here. I just I lost a client, you know, please help me give me some pedi points. I wasn’t posting that. What I said is I had lost a huge client, was given 30 days notice. I talked about how I was nervous and anxious. At the same time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay rent and that I had a few options of what I could do.

All right. So I lost a client here are my options. I could grab a beer, sit on the couch and numb the pain, or I could desperately try and outreach campaign or number three, I could help as many people for free and try to attract a client from the value provided up front. And so I continue on with the story. I needed a reset, so I went to the gym like a mad man, threw weights around like never before, said affirmations to myself the entire time my, favorite jams ringing in my earbuds, I smiled and made conversations with a few strangers, acted as if all was good.

I kept my energy and positivity on point. I winked at the front desk receptionist on the way out of the gym, right. My endorphins were high and I had reset my vibe for the good. All right. And so then I go on to talk about how I got home. I made myself a protein shake, took a shower, and I was all all of a sudden now I was calm and mindful. And it was at 8pm that opened my laptop and I went into I went on to social media and I helped as many people for free as possible. In a few hours later, all of a sudden, I received a PM private message from a business owner and he owned a six location gym franchise. He said he was really impressed with the free value in the responses I was giving to people’s questions in these other Facebook groups. And so he said he wanted me to do their marketing for his six gyms.

So I hopped on a Skype call with him at that moment, and twenty two minutes later, this gym owner of six gyms had wired me twenty five hundred dollars for the first month’s payment. All right. And so it was in that moment that I realized a few things. A step backwards can position you for a leap forwards. Clients are everywhere. When you have an abundance mindset, give first and receive later. Trust yourself and manage your emotions.

Tough situations only have to be temporary. All right. So that’s what I wrote, right? So basically, it’s a story of triumph. I’m saying, hey, I was put in a tough situation. My client gave me 30 days notice, my biggest client, because they were moving their marketing in-house. And so they wanted they wanted to be controlled inside their agency. And that’s the only reason they were getting rid of us. And then I was like, that’s a tough situation.

But I wasn’t asking for pity points. I said, here’s what I did about it. Right. I went to the gym. I readjusted my energy, my mindset, my vibes. I focused, I got calm. I took a shower. I had a protein shake, ate healthy. And then all of a sudden I took action. I went out there, I start prospecting. I was helping people for free. And then I landed a twenty five hundred dollars a month client.

So in the span of like three and a half hours, I went from losing a client to landing a bigger client. And so this inspiring story, that’s not me just airing my dirty laundry and saying I lost a client. Feel bad for me. Right? That’s not impressive as a leader. That doesn’t make you look like a coach. What does make you look like a coach? And this is a true story. Right. So make sure it is a true story.

But what does is talking about how you have overcome your struggles to overcome those bad days, overcome those difficult situations, because that’s what leaders do, that we all have problems, issues, struggles, but we figure out a way to go past it. We don’t play the victim card. We go, OK, this is the situation. You know, I’m going to work through this or I’m going to strategically find a way around this obstacle by posting that again.

Six hundred and forty eight likes and two hundred sixty five comments. And if you read these comments, they’re absolutely insane. It says, I love that story, powerful lesson, so many people have thanked me, and said this is exactly what I needed to hear. They said, I love how you took action. You’re such a leader. Excellent. Good nuggets. Thanks for sharing this. Thank you so much. I needed to hear your words. Like people are literally going, oh, my gosh, I needed to hear this.

Right, all of a sudden I got all these friend requests and all these people are coming over and checking out my coaching programs, my things, and they go, this is the type of leader and the coach that I would want. But he’s able to overcome obstacles. And obviously he knows how to get clients and do different things. And so that is the number one mistake I see coaches making on social media is airing out their dirty laundry.

They’re talking about how things are difficult, yada, yada, yada, yada. And that really, you know, what you really want to do is talk about how things were difficult for you and then you overcame them. Right. And that that is a huge, just simply shift that makes a massive difference on whether or not people will actually buy from you and look and perceive you. Right. And know that you’re their coach. So this is super powerful because it is being vulnerable.

I’m talking I’m not saying, hey, I’m perfect. I’ve never lost a client or anything like that. I’m saying, hey, I lost a client because they brought their marketing in-house, but I didn’t sit around and complain about it. I wouldn’t replace that client within three hours. And so it’s really a powerful story. And people really appreciated hearing this because it was giving them inspiration that they wanted to hear. So I hope that training is helpful for you guys.

That’s just a small little things in your marketing. In your messaging makes a massive difference. That’s a small tweak that completely positions you differently. And so I wanted to share this because I’ve been seeing coaches out there recently airing their dirty laundry on Facebook and so forth. And I know that they’re losing sales because of it. And so I wanted to share this with you guys so that you don’t make that same mistake. So I guess I hope this training was helpful for you if it was smashed to subscribe button or not.

But otherwise, we have a ton of other videos on this channel to talk about how to get clients, how to choose a niche for your coaching business, and then how to scale to six and seven figures systematically. And so if you’re an online coach or if you’re an aspiring online coach, I think you definitely love this channel. We’ll link up in the description to some of our other videos that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Otherwise, I hope you guys have an awesome day. We’ll catch you on the next video training.


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