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Dino Gomez Here...

7 Figure business coach standing a staggering 5'5" on a good day...

With boots on....

And an extra pair of insoles to give me another half inch...

Enough about me...

How would you like to: 

*Be free
*Have the ability to attract more high ticket clients
*Demonstrate to your family you're a super hero during this crisis
*Travel the world anytime (once the virus passes)
*Give your haters a "told ya so" smile
*Laugh at money worries
*Try new things
*Make new friends
*Create a lasting ripple effect of impact on people's lives
*Donate to charities 
*Be a super mom or dad always there for your kids?

Sound interesting? 

Kinda fun? 


First, let me show ya we're real. 

Here's a few photos of us at a mastermind event in San Diego, CA.

And a few more photos of us at a conference.

Name badges and all. 

Next event, Costa Rica! 

Pura Vida....

In just a few months. 

Then we have a Europe event next year. 

A southeast Asia meetup in the works...

And Mexico down the line. 

Maybe a city near you, too.

Now, you don't have to attend these mastermind meetups.

Just sayin' you might want to. 

Because inside, 7 Figure Visionary, we are a family.

And our community is changing this industry. 

Reviews continue to pour in....

Won't show you all of the reviews.... 

Would take too long. 

Just a few testimonials....

To prove our Mini-Workshop Method works! 


Because, there's so many options out there. 

Some mentors swear you should run a webinar.

Others say just dance on Tik Tok all day. 

The funniest one in my opinion, "just run ads."

"Really? I'm a semi-new coach without a consistently converting offer &  and you think I should run ads?"

Don't get me wrong!

We run ads. 

They work. 

But we also have 11 years experience online. 

Our program is built out. 

We have a team in place. 

Our offer is irresistible

(If you're a coach or consultant... you can join our mastermind for under $10/day**)

It's the next logical step for us to run ads. 

But let's not put the horse before the carriage... 

I filled up my first coaching program using just organic marketing. 

That's what we teach.

But we bring the spice.

Then there are mentors who swear by "copying others." 

Question becomes... do you really want to be someone other than yourself? 

And do you think you will be successful if you're just a carbon copy of the "next expert"? 

You also have YouTube Ad courses!

Instagram influencer programs...

Video marketing experts...

Sales programs, too.

There are appointment setting agencies. 

Each "strategy" has major faults. 

I'll break it down. 

Let's start with a webinar funnel!

Do webinars work? 


I'm not going to sugar coat anything in our favor. 

Who should run a webinar? 

Now that is the real question....

A coach or consultant already doing 6 figures. 

Because if you're not at 100k/year yet... something is broken in your business & ads will just further complicate things while diminishing profit margins. 

On that note...

Ads work!

We love ads. 

You may be here.... from an ad!

But we already have our infrastructure in place. 

We have the 5 components of a coaching business dialed in. 


But our secret sauce... is using MINI-WORKSHOPS to land clients!

Sure some mentors who teach ads from the get-go have reviews...

They will surely highlight those few testimonials front and center.

A handful of reviews from 3000+ clients doesn't dazzle me personally.

Don't worry...

Below we'll bombard you will all sorts of client testimonials.

I digress. 

So there is the "go with ads" model from the start. 

We see a lot of holes in this approach. 

For instance; what happens if your ads are awesome but your webinar, offer, or sales approach is dismal? 

Ads amplify existing results. 

They don't create results. 

What about video marketing? 

Video is hot!

Reels are a big deal. 

Will a video marketing program get it done? 

It possibly could!

Just depends...

If you want to dance on camera all day. 

And if that approach works for your audience. 

Side note: You should also have your message, offer, sales, & program dialed in.

Dino, what about organic marketing? 

I see a lot of mentors suggesting I can grow to 6 figures following their method.

To be honest; I like this approach the most!

Find a mentor who has 100's of testimonials & I would say that is a good direction to go.

Just make sure you have: 

*Your offer dialed in 
*A unique message
*Convert on sales calls
*And a scaleable & impactful delivery mechanism (group program) 

If you don't have those other pieces set yet...

Then you will want to go with a mentor who can help you each piece of the puzzle!

Imagine this...

You've heard of Amazon right? 

I know you have. 

They are a billion dollar plus organization. 

Even at that size...

All it would take for this business to collapse overnight...

Is the little printing label to malfunction in a fulfillment center!

Imagine that. 

The little printing label starts printing the wrong addresses on packages.

Within 24 hours you would have millions of products shipped to the wrong homes. 

What strange things would show up at your doorstep? 

So if a billion dollar company can have a crisis just from a printing machine malfunction...

What happens with your business if your messaging is off?

Or your offer stops converting? 

Or you have a dip in sales conversions? 

Or ads stop working as well? 

There is good news!

We look at your business as a holistic machine. 

Each part is equally important. 

5 parts in total. 


Because the online space moves fast. 

Innovation & pattern breaks win. 

So we help our clients with each aspect of growing their business. 

Provide them decades of experience.

A second set of eyes to pinpoint what to update & do next. 

Keeping them one step in front of the rest. 

As the result...

They become trailblazers.


Impact makers. 



That's our client Michelle above. 

We didn't block out her name. 

She is real.

Like all of our clients. 

And we helped her create a unique offer.

As a relationship coach...

Called, "Turn on Your Vagenius". 

She stole the market place with that originality. 

If that's offensive at all... 

We're definitely not the mastermind for you. 

We're big believers in unique messaging. 

I actually was interviewed 2 episodes after Tony Robbins on a top 10 entrepreneur podcast to talk about this specifically...

A really important question to ask yourself is, "How am I different than my competition?"

It's a tough question to answer.... but oh so critical. 

Because if you can't answer, "How are you different?" then most likely your audience can't either. 

In case your thinking about it...

You don't have to be as outrageous as Michelle. 

Finding your authentic voice is most important.

Perhaps you're wondering what our community is like...

I'm happy to chat around that. 

We are an open-minded, creative, & positive bunch.

We work hard & have fun.  

Everyone supports each other. 

Friendships are forged. 

Offline & online. 

I have lunch meetups with 2 clients next month who will be in San Diego!

We don't do lambos & mansions. 

Or rolex watches. 

We do family, friends, travel, & focus on impacting lives. 

I lead multiple client sessions each week wearing a t-shirt. 

We are down to earth. 

To be clear....

We work hard!

And we play hard. 

Watch out because I normally start each training with a few minutes of dance music. 

Positive & upbeat vibes are proven to increase creativity.

There are also 4 other mentors besides me. 

Mostly women. 

Excuse me, all women!

We hear that quite often from our female clients. 

"I wasn't sure about hiring a male coach... so glad I did!" 

--> "Well, thank you! But it's a team effort always. And we have found blending feminine & masculine energy works best!" 

Our client, Paula, has something to say about that. 

Have a quick watch. 

Then there's Ken! 

Oh boy did he do his research before joining. 

We don't hard close on application calls... so when he said he wanted to get on a call with 2 other programs; we honored that. 

There's no need to live in scarcity. 

There's enough business for everyone!

So we let him shop around knowing if we were the right match; we'd crush it. 

He came back. 

We're sure glad he did. 

Ken went from overworked & under paid to maximizing his client impact with a group program while recording a $36,000 month. 

He wasn't shy either to share his experience on video. 

What if I'm not good at sales though Dino? 

Can I still sign clients using the Mini-Workshop method? 

Great question. 

Sales is one of the 5 pillars of a successful online business. 

You don't need to be "the world's best". 

You should work on it!

Take Nicole for example. 

She despised sales when she came to us. 

So we started to chip away at this pillar with her. 

And in her first 12 months as an online coach she grew to 6 figure months. 

Of course it wasn't all rainbows. 

I have no idea why leaders paint a picture that growing a business requires no work.

Or that just meditating will attract clients. 

We are ALL IN for mindset work. 

We believe it's a 3 part equation however. 

Mindset + Strategy + Execution. 

Danielle is our world class mindset & energetics coach. 

She will help you through: 

*Limiting beliefs
*Imposter syndrome 
*Owning your value
*Distinguishing your message
*Balancing your energy, family life, & business.

You'll have a one on one call with her. 

As well as several calls with me & other leaders on our team.

Burnout is not the answer. 

10+ years online gives me permission to say, "Been there, done that, & it's not sustainable."  

Creating a business you love....

One you work hard in...

To equally enjoy time away from, is our jam!

And when you tap into this "force", all sorts of opportunities open up. 

It comes down to: 

Mindset + Strategy + Implementation. 

Then sprinkle in our MINI-WORKSHOP method & presto! 

Sleep... we offer you sleep!

Step by step we lay out a custom action plan with each of our clients. 

Because you have unique strengths & weaknesses. 

We're not going to force you through a canned program. 

We start with a 1 on 1 cash injection strategy call. 

As soon as you join we hop on this call together.

I take notes & give you those notes after. 

We agree on when we can accomplish tasks & go step by step together. 

We'll hold you accountable if you desire.

Immediately after joining you have a custom roadmap for what to work on. 

So the overwhelm & worry disappears. 

That was Lauren's experience above. 

Our client, Starr, came to us with a different problem!

Remember when we said there are 5 parts to growing a business? 

*Message & Mindset

Starr was like many of our clients.

She had a message. 

And the marketing. 

Also the offer. 

But wanted to fine tune her mindset + sales. 

So we helped her raise her prices. 

Before too long she had 5x'd her prices.

She went from selling at 1k to 5k.

Quick question.

What would a 5x price increase do to your business? 

All things equal... 

Even better question.

What amazing things would you do for your clients if you were charging 5x more? 

Would you bring in surprise guest coaches? 

Plan weekend client experiences? 

Deliver them the best-in-class welcome gifts? 

That's why I only join high ticket masterminds myself. 

Well, to be fair, I join only high ticket programs for several reasons: 

1). I don't want to be a lost number in a low ticket course
2). I want the mentors to know me by name 
3). I want to develop my network with other change-makers
4). I learn just as much from my mentors as I do from the other members
5). The lifelong friendships inside masterminds are worth the admission alone 
6). The partnerships that form when entrepreneurs are vibrating at the frequency of abundance is next level
7). I gain the skillsets & knowledge to be a better mentor myself
8). My business always skyrockets

.... I could go on. 

I love investing in self development!

Since we can't take money with us... I'm all in for experiences!

Back to you. 

You must have questions!

Let's dive in. 

"Dino, I've tried some courses or group programs before & I think I need more hand-holding than FAQ calls. Does your mastermind, 7 Figure Visionary, offer such support?"

--> "Aha! So glad you asked. We do things quite differently here. I'll break down a few examples.

#1). We don't do FAQ calls.  

We do workshops only... as in the first half the call we help you implement a key profit lever in your business. 

Some clients call our sessions, "Implementation calls". 

Our goal of every meeting is to help you scratch another item off your to-do list....

We know you are busy so why would you give you more things to do after a call? 

Instead, we want to help you to take action during our sessions.

This is one manner we help you grow your business!

We also incorporate partner exercises to help build community friendships. 

So the first half the call we implement & the second half we fine-tune or answer questions. 

In regards to the hand-holding...

We have several packages for which to join our mastermind!

All of our packages include multiple one on one calls. 

So the accountability is there, the customization is there, & playing to your strengths inside your niche is there. 

James & Jon are photography coaches. 

They help other photographers learn how to market their business. 

Here's what happened after a one on one call. 

Now to be clear...

They had an audience built out!

Remember I said, I like to shoot it straight.

Context is so key. 

But 3 calls booked and landing 3 clients for 17k isn't too shabby. 

I'll be honest, I love these chaps. 

They are goofy!

Since they are in the U.K. our calls would be later at night. 

They would sometimes be a few beers deep. 

Hey! We don't judge. 

It's your business & I know they work hard during normal work hours. 


I'll be honest.

It's getting late here. 

I'm writing this copy at 8:14pm on a Thursday night. 

Which leads me to, Robyn. 

Our remarkable copywriting mentor inside, 7 Figure Visionary. 

Our clients go bonkers over her work. 

She will help you speak songs to your audience.

Words to remember. 

She won't do it for you....

That doesn't help you in the long run. 

She will teach you the art form of verbiage seduction. 

Because I like copy writing too... I'll chime in with some advice.

This is me writing this page. 

But you'll get support in all areas of your business.

So not only will you know how to sign clients at will using a mini-workshop...

You'll have all cylinders firing!

It will be HOT!

What a stud that Justin is...

The most humble of gentlemen as well. 

I asked his permission to include this as he is pretty soft spoken. 

That may be another question you have...

"Dino, do I have to be outrageous online to attract clients?"

---> "Please no. Only be yourself! 

The worst thing you can do is try to copy someone else. 

Especially a bigger competitor. 

Your advantage when you are smaller is that it is easier to be authentic. 

You don't have as many "feathers" to ruffle. 

So whether you are naturally proper or a little bit non chalet... embrace who you are!

One area we excel at is helping you find your voice!

Because once you embrace your own unique style... all competition immediately fades away." 


There goes Vladka!

A spiritual healer who was positive that her "niche" was different. 

That our Mini-Workshop method could not work for her. 

That 1 on 1 coaching was the only way in her space.

She trusted in us. 

And 4x'd her business in 90 days while helping more clients transform. 

If you didn't catch on yet...

We love mini-workshops!

For a few reasons: 

1). Social media is distracting --> It is best to get prospects off of these platforms & to a destination where you can help them. 

2). You can provide real transformation --> With our model the right clients will sign onboard with you and the others will still appreciate the content you delivered. 

3). Mini-Workshops work with organic traffic or ads --> We start with free traffic & help our clients grow into using ads!

4). We have figured out a very specific formula for running client-attracting & impactful workshops that we don't see others doing in the industry.

8:47pm now!

Alright, I need to start my wind down before bed. 

I'm an early riser.

My pup Kona already snuck into her bed so that is my cue.  

I'll have to finish this copy next week. 

I'll leave you to take a peek at what is below. 

We've sprinkled a few more reviews in. 

If you self identify as a badass, leader, change-marker, action-taker, or visionary...

Feel free to take the next step & book a call with us!

We have a "Results Guaranteed offer" & always add value on our calls. 

Good night for now. 


Did you say you have more reviews, Dino? 

Perhaps a few more.... 

Here are the results of other coaches & agencies who have used our mini-workshop method to land clients!

Mini-Workshop Method Results:










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Client Success Stories Across Every Niche... USING "MINI-WORKSHOPS"

Real Estate Coach

Background: Susan came to us as fresh as can be! She was an aspiring coach with no niche but a burning desire to help others.

Problem: She had no idea what niche she should pursue & how to even get started with an online coaching business.  

Results: We helped Susan leverage her experience as a successful real estate wholesale professional to net $35,000 in her first 8 weeks as a brand new online coach!

Meet Our Team

Mantra: 7 Figure Visionary was born out of the desire to influence, assist, serve, inspire, & create other impactful & profitable leaders online. 

Over the last year our team has grown dramatically to serve our clients whilst earning one of the highest success rates of the online industry. 

We offer a hybrid coaching program where members receive both 1 on 1 calls with Dino & other mentors along with group coaching calls. 

A portion of all proceeds are donated to various charities & causes. 


Online Dating COACH 

Background: Ken came to us out of time, offering 1v1 coaching services, & unsure how to scale his business. He spoke with several of our competitors & choose to work with us. 

Problem: How To Package, Market, & Sell High Ticket group coaching. Where to build his audience & what to charge. 

Results: In his first 7 weeks Ken has landed 8 high ticket clients ($3,500 - $5,000) each.... has built his audience to 1100 without paid ads... and has the business design to scale much faster.


Background: Karysn came to us with no audience, no program, no Facebook group, and with a desire to launch her nutrition coaching business.

Problem: Program design, pricing, sales, & mindset. Like many aspiring coaches she wondered if she could really make a career out of online coaching.  

Results: In Karyn's first 4 weeks she landed her first 11 coaching clients and launched her group coaching program successfully. She was pleasantly shocked to find out how supportive the coaches & community inside a true mastermind are.

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Using Mini-Workshops!



Local marketing COach 

Background: Richard came to us with an awesome low ticket program that just wan't selling as a new coach.

Problem: Didn't know how to build an audience, sell from a webinar, and market his course. 

Results: In the first 30 days Richard brought in just over $11,000 in sales with his first mini-workshop. Now he is racking up testimonials and the authority to break 20k/month next.

Women's Marriage COach 

Background: Michelle came to us confused, overwhelmed, & overworked. She was unclear on her messaging, how she was unique from competitor coaches, and how she could grow her business while working less.

Problem: Didn't know what her core high ticket offer should be & how to attract premium clients.

Results: In the first 30 days Michelle made $11,500. In her most recent month she collected $34,500 & is now selling $5,000 packages.

Marketing Agency 

Background: Justin came to us as the owner of a marketing agency with an interest in online coaching. 

Problem: He didn't know his niche & was lacking direction & clarity around how to grow his business.

Results: In the first 6 months together Justin added $142,000. Two months later he added another $164,000. After 8 months he has added $306,000 to his business. 

Law of attraction  

Background: Over the last 14 months Jessie tried 4 different coaching programs but struggled to land a single client. 

Problem: She felt she had to convey a "persona" that wasn't in congruence with her true personality... so the industry would accept her.  

Results: We helped Jessie re-position her brand, create a more attractive offer, & deploy a client-getting workshop. In the span of 7 days (after her mini-workshop) she netted $24,500!

Sales COach 

Background: Camila came to us with an impressive background in sales. But she had struggled with 4 other coaches before us to ever break 10k/month for over 16 months. She almost quit and returned to her day job. 

Problem: Business design structure, client getting solutions, and stuck selling 1v1 consulting packages.  

Results: In her first month with us Camila broke her desired 10k/month by following our mini-workshop method. In 3 months she broke 20k/month. Now in month 4 she is on track for $30k/month!  

Religious COach 

Background: Cory came to us doing 12k/month with 3 various programs. 

Problem: Didn't know how to scale, was working overtime as a solo entreprenuer and stuck on the launch cycle!

Results: In 3 months working together Cory grew to $40,000/month, hired 2 team members, bought a house, and now has the systems and strategy to scale to $60k/month next.

Photographer COach 

Background: James & Jon came to us with a successful photography business. They wanted to launch a coaching business but were stuck on how to build an audience, differentiate themselves, create an offer, & sell a group coaching program.

Problem: Didn't know how to transition into the coaching industry from 1v1 consulting. 

Results: James & Jon created an evergreen coaching program, built an audience, and launched a successful mini-workshop bringing in $15,000 in profit to their coaching business. 

Womens cOACH

Background: Paula swore she would never hire a "male" coach for years. She came to us a coach to female entrepreneurs. 

Problem: She already had a business doing $10k/month but wasn't sure how to grow into $30k months or if she could raise her prices.  

Results: We helped Paula design, market, & sell a new high ticket program. She went from selling a $3,500 program to selling an $18,000 program. In her first 14 days she made $36,000 in sales! 

Branding COach 

Background: When Nicole came to us she was doing 7k/month with her coaching business selling low ticket courses at $300. 

Problem: Mindset, Strategy, and How To Package, Market, & Sell High Ticket. 

Results: In just 3 months Nicole grew from $7k/mo to $60k/mo using our mini-workshop method and is now selling 5k and 10k coaching packages. Update now Nicole is at $100k/month after month 8 without using paid ads!

SEO Agency

Background: Ed came to us already very successful with a business generating 52k per month. However he knew that if he could position himself to be more of an authority that there was a ton more space for growth. 

Problem: Authority positioning, designing & marketing an online program.  

Results: In Ed's 4th month he added $61,000/month of new business taking him from $52k/month to $113k/month or 1.3 million per year!  

Women's Business Coach

Background: Starr came to us making $6k/month selling low ticket courses. She wanted to learn to sell high ticket over the phone but had a ton of questions.   

Problem: How to monetize her audience completely & serve more clients. How to package, offer, market, & close premium clients! 

Results: Over the course of several months Starr grew from $6k/month to $30,000/month by implementing our high ticket program solution. She learned phone sales, messaging, & offer creation. 

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